Gimicina-3 Pack plus Free Pitcher!

Gimicina 3 Pack Plus FREE Infuser Pitcher! ONLY $79.95!
• 3 Containers of Delicious Gimicina Spicewater

• 1 FREE 66 oz. Infuser Pitcher

SAVE $34.85! (Retail value $114.80!)

Our Spicewater is the perfect blend of ginger, mint and cinnamon creating a refreshing and energizing beverage you can drink all day long!  Avoid sugars, artificial sweeteners and calories, enjoy our Gimicina flavor instead. It’s a breakthrough instant refreshment that tastes like nothing else. Light, juicy and thirst quenching, with a natural boost of antioxidants to energize. Gimicina Spicewater is healthy hydrating happiness! 

Gimicina flavor
Ginger: Anti-inflammatory and great for digestion
Mint: Boosts mental performance and promotes focus
Cinnamon: Supports healthy blood sugar levels

$79.95 USD