Sel Gris Brut

Flavor Profile

Story: Sel Gris, pronounced “Sell-gree” is produced in France through a process in which sea water is evaporated by the sun, leaving only the salt in the water behind. Most sea salts never come in contact with the clay pan in which the water rests; in this case the salt ultimately rests on these pans, and when the salt is raked in, small traces of the mineral-rich clay are incorporated, enhancing the flavor, appearance, moisture and minerality of Sel Gris.

Flavor: The rich salinity of the sea comes through in this Sel Gris, reminding us of the clean, briny finish of a fresh oyster, leaving a pleasant, mineral-rich edge.

Use:  Use Sel Gris as a finishing salt atop sliced steak or lamb, a beautiful garnish to a richly colored salad of sliced red beets or a natural accompaniment to foods French in origin.

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$13.75 USD