Bali Pyramid

Nestled between the islands of Java to the west and Lombok to the east in the Indian Ocean, the Indonesian island of Bali has a lush landscape, temperate climate, and is steeped in colorful local culture. Bali sea salt is a truly exotic and unique salt experience.

On the beautiful island of Bali, a natural union of earth, wind and heat combine to create these miniature pyramid-shaped salt flakes. The flakes are harvested young during the time of hot mornings and rainy afternoons, ensuring a small, hollow pyramid shape and subtle flavor. The perfectly distinctive touch to finish any meal.

Story: This fascinating salt, upon close inspection, is noted for its shape: each grain is a tiny hollow pyramid. The salt is harvested from the beaches surrounding Gunung Agung, with a captivating flavor created by the area’s unique crossroads of warm and cold water.

Flavor:  Bali pyramid salt is quite mild in relation to other sea salts, and it has faint sweet tones as well. Texture is strong and crunchy.

Use: Use as an impressive garnish to finish dishes, but also to bring a mild saltiness to dishes as well. Fish will respond well to this seasoning, as will grilled vegetables and other lighter dishes.

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$13.59 USD